RI$K World Clothing
Ambassador Program

Welcome, you are now a  brand ambassador for RI$K World. We are excited to work with you to build the brand. As a brand ambassador you will help promote our clothing by posting photos or stories on your social media. In return, you will get exclusive pricing on all RI$K World products and an ambassador code that whenever someone uses, you will receive 20% commission

What's next?

Advertising is more effective if people are familiar with the product, that's why we need you! When your friends, family or followers see you wearing our clothing, they will want it too. They will be more likely to purchase using your ambassador code, which means more money for you!

What you get:

Because you are helping us advertise, we are going to compensate you by giving you a large discount off the retail price of our clothing.

 1.  You receive 40% off everything

 2. Your own ambassador code that gives your friends, family and followers 15% off and earn you 20% commission

 3.  International exposure. Tag us wearing RI$K World and we will feature you on our Instagram post or story in front of tens of thousands of followers to see.

Your 40% off discount code is:

*This is your personal code to use for purchasing your own clothing, do not share it with anyone.



Getting started is easy

1. Get your clothing - Use your 40% off code and order some RI$K World pieces.

2. Get your confirmation email - Inside will be a link to get your referral code 

2. Get creative - Once you have received your clothing, you can now start taking some amazing pictures, but most importantly have fun! You can invite friends and make a day of it on the beaches, in the countryside, around the city, or just at home.

3. Get posting - Make a post on Instagram with your new picture(s) and tag us @risk__world post your followers code in the caption. Send the original photos you take along with your Instagram name to sales@riskclothing.co.uk

4. Get featured - We will post your picture to our high traffic Instagram and website at peak times, you will be tagged as the brand ambassador/model. We can also feature you in our printed magazine RI$K that releases every quarter and our Mobile APP.
*Quality standards apply*

5. Get paid - When anyone uses your followers code you earn a 20% commission.

Some of our top picks:

RI$K World clothing is exclusive and produced in limited runs. There is no guarantee of restock. Do not wait for a style to restock if it is sold out. It may no longer be available.

We're here to help!
We are excited to work with you and grow the RI$K World brand. If you have any questions or concerns, send us an email at sales@riskclothing.co.uk

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