About Us

RI$K World was born in 2017, by an 18 year old originally as a side hobby with no real intentions of competing with recognised brands. Since then we have sold in over 65+ countries across the globe.

RUN THE RI$K as without risk, there is no reward.

It was born with a DIY approach that still remains to this day, we hand print clothing ourselves, personally spray paint packaging boxes and design in house etc.

RI$K Worlds style has always been brazen whether it be reflective designs or neon colours. We are now dropping items every Friday! 

We also have our own official app, just search RI$K World on your respective app store. 

We started Mission Christmas last year, where we used 25% of the profits of in November/December to provide the homeless in the United Kingdom a bag full of essentials. Just in time for Christmas and plan on making it a yearly tradition, as the business expands we aim to invest back into the community.


Thank you all for your custom as of right now I am doing this full time as I have just got my economics degree, and can not wait to see where I can take RI$K World and the places it will bring me. It's been a tough few years but the journey has been worth it!